Local governments are responsible for the services that people use every day.

Municipalities are on the front lines of people’s daily challenges. And with so many people feeling disconnected from politics, we’re ready to work with every party to foster solutions and build better lives. That means investing in infrastructure by strengthening permanent funding tools that directly empower us to upgrade roads, bridges, water systems and more.

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Making housing affordable for all

Canadians at many income levels are struggling with housing affordability. We need to work together to make housing affordable, especially for those facing poverty and marginalization. That means building on the National Housing Strategy and it means new leadership on the wider affordability crisis—including protecting at-risk market rental housing.

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Building vibrant rural communities

This Parliament must continue to address the needs of rural communities. Better Internet access is an urgent priority. And so is building a “rural lens” into the heart of government—recognizing rural realities while modernizing and streamlining federal tools.

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Building better public transit

Cities and communities are looking for action on the commitment to permanently fund public transit. This has strong cross-party support in Parliament. And cities are ready to move forward with major expansions—for faster commutes and lower emissions.

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Adapting to a changing climate

We need stronger tools to protect our communities from weather extremes—and to unlock our tremendous local potential to reduce GHG emissions. That includes accelerating transitions to zero-emission transit buses.

Tackling national challenges

From taking on the challenges associated with legal cannabis, to combatting addiction to opioids, to preventing gun crime and ensuring rail safety, local governments shoulder tremendous responsibilities. Our action plan offers policy proposals that would build better lives in communities of all sizes.